Vote for the top ‘Dangerous Idea’ for transforming primary care

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Four cutting-edge concepts are up for discussion in our annual Dangerous Ideas Soapbox on Thursday morning. (10:00–11:00, VCC 211-214)

Join our presenters to appreciate new perspectives and vote for the idea that you think has the most merit:

  • Changing “Cradle2Grave” to “Cradle OR Grave”: Dr Darren Cargill suggests that the resources currently being used to promote family physician involvement in intrapartum care should be repurposed to support end-of-life care.
  • Project Trauma Support for First-Responders and Military Personnel: Dr Manuela Joannou describes Project Trauma support, a novel program being initiated in Canada to address the moral injury component of PTSD in military personnel and first responders using meditation, ceremony, tradition, and myth to help participants in their recovery efforts.
  • We Need More Conversations About Assisted Dying: Dr Ellen Wiebe presents evidence that shows talking about assisted dying and having it available can help patients cope with disease symptoms, surgery, drug side effects, etc., and improve quality of life for patients near the end of life.
  • AWLS (Advanced Wellness Life Support): Dr Larry Willms makes the case for developing a 2-day course for clinicians to help patients who aren’t sick but also aren’t well, using the evidence-based high points of what we know about nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, substance overuse, spirituality, and behaviour change.

Each presenter has 3 minutes to explain their innovative idea and 7 minutes for questions. Audience members vote for their favourite concept, with the winner revealed at the end of the session.

These exciting discussion topics were chosen from a total of 64 submissions. All four presentations will be published in an upcoming issue of Canadian Family Physician.