Mainpro+® credit reporting: How to report your credits for Family Medicine Forum

This Group Learning program meets the certification criteria of the Québec College of Family Physicians, a continuing professional development–accrediting organization recognized by the Collège des médecins du Québec, and has been approved for 24 Mainpro+ credits (recognized as Category 1 for non-CFPC members) under the condition that the ethical standards are met.

All FMF sessions and ancillary sessions

New for Family Medicine Forum (FMF) 2017: Mainpro+® credits will be tracked and uploaded directly to your Mainpro+ account. Your delegate badge will be scanned at each session and the total number of credits will be added to your Mainpro+ account. Please allow two to four weeks for your credits to be uploaded to your Holding Area. There is no need to enter your credits manually in Mainpro+. For assistance during FMF please visit the registration desk.

Two- and three-credit-per-hour workshops

Mainpro+ credits for two- and three-credit-per-hour workshops will not be uploaded to your Mainpro+ account automatically. Please add these activities to your account once you have received your certificate of completion from the program provider. Questions regarding these workshops should be directed to the program providers.

Live streaming

Live stream a full day of FMF sessions for up to six certified Mainpro+ Group Learning credits. Live streaming credits will not be uploaded to your Mainpro+ account automatically. Attendees who participate via live streaming may claim one Mainpro+ certified credit per session attended, up to six for the full day.

Mainpro+ Holding Area

To claim the credits in your Holding Area please log in to your Mainpro+ account and click “Holding Area” in the top menu or select the activity from the “Incomplete CPD Activities” section on your main dashboard. Answer the required questions and click “Submit.”