Badge scanners will be used to track all sessions attended in person. A dedicated scanner will be available at the door of each session. Please ensure that your badge is scanned prior entering the room. If you have missed being scanned, please visit the Session Scanning Desk, located at level 600 – MTCC for assistance.


The platform will automatically track all sessions attended. For live sessions, click ‘Reserve a Spot.’ to add the session to your Agenda. The ‘Join Live’ button will appear at one minute prior to the start time. When you click ‘Join Live’, you will be checked in to the session and credits will apply. These credits will appear under Edit my profile, Credits, in real time. All credits will be automatically uploaded to your Mainpro+ holding account in February 2023.


The on-demand period will run for 50 days. Attendees will have access to sessions until January 7, 2023. Note that this date cannot be extended. Interactivity will still be available during this period. We will continue to monitor all sessions to ensure that pertinent questions are answered. To watch the session, click the video in the viewer, and this will track you as you check in, and credits will be applied. Note: For bilingual sessions a smaller box will appear under the main video window to watch in either French or English. Click this smaller box to switch languages.


DO NOT remove virtual sessions from your Agenda AFTER viewing them. Doing so will remove the credits tracked.


  • In Person session attended will not be tracked in the virtual platform. You can review sessions attended onsite at the MTCC Session Scanning Desk – on the 600 level
  • Virtual and On demand sessions attended will appear under Edit my profile, Credits, in real time.


All credits earned from FMF In Person, Virtual and On demand will be automatically uploaded to your Mainpro+ holding account and you will receive a letter of attendance, approximately six weeks after FMF 2022 concludes. Expect your letter of attendance with total credits deposited in February 2023.


To claim the credits in your Holding Area please log in to your Mainpro+ account and click Holding Area in the top menu or select the activity from the Incomplete CPD Activities section on your main dashboard. You can adjust your credits in this area if you believe anything was missed. Answer the required questions and click Submit. If you have issues with your Mainpro+ Holding account, please email [email protected].


FMF receipts are emailed from [email protected] immediately upon registration. Please check your inbox and / or junk folder. If you need it resent, please email [email protected].


Pre-conference 2 and 3 credits workshops on Tuesday Nov 8 and Tuesday Nov 15th are separately certified and not included in automatic credit entry. Please complete your course work and submit it to the CPD presenter or provider organization as instructed. After submitting the materials, they will send you a certificate of completion. Please log in to your Mainpro+ account and submit this activity at that time. Inquiries regarding workshop credits and certificates should be directed towards the program provider(s).