Welcome to the all-new FMF Live On-demand Virtual EDucation platform (FMF LOVED).

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This innovative virtual space provides top-notch continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities in family medicine in a broadly accessible format.

Mainpro+® certified
Access thoroughly vetted, peer-to-peer, evidence-based, education that is timely in the field of family medicine and aligns with current learning needs that members of the College of Family Physicians of Canada have identified.
Direct credit entry
You will earn one Mainpro+ certified credit per one-hour session. These credits will be uploaded to your Mainpro+ Holding Area automatically.
Extraordinary quality
Experience the best of FMF. Enjoy our professional videos from the most engaging and popular sessions at FMF.
Bilingual content
Each on-demand session is available in English or French via simultaneous interpretation.
Interactive engagement
You are welcome to submit your comments or questions before, during, or after viewing each session. As questions are answered the responses will be posted, and content experts will address new queries at their earliest convenience.
Ultra convenient
With family physicians’ busy schedules in mind, we’ve made it possible for you to take part in FMF at your leisure. Start and stop, pause and review, take notes and gain invaluable knowledge from the comfort of your home, in your office, or even on the go.
Easy to use
Our list of available sessions is easy to navigate. Choose the topics most relevant to you and register accordingly. You will have unlimited access to each of your registered sessions.
Instant access
Upon registration you will instantly receive an email confirmation with unique access codes for each of your sessions.


Event Selections

Approach to Depression in Primary Care

Presenter: Jon Davine
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

Practical Tips for Managing Adults With ADHD in Your Practice

Presenter: Nick Kates
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

Breakthrough to Become a Leader With Dr. Evan Adams

Presenter: Evan Adams
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

Jeopardy by PEER: Rapid-fire pearls for common primary care presentations

Presenter: Michael Allan
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

What’s New, True and Poo: Top studies of last year

Presenter: Michael Kolber
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

Sexual Health 2019: An update from contraception to STIs

Presenter: Charlie Guiang
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

Emergencies in Special Populations

Presenter: Jock Murray
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

COPD Management 2019

Presenter: Suzanne Levitz
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

Scienceploitation and the Rise of Science-y Unproven Therapies

Presenter: Timothy Caulfield
Mainpro+ Self Learning certified credits = 1

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