Tune in to FMF Live to earn credits remotely

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Although nothing beats attending Family Medicine Forum (FMF) in person, we know taking time away from your practice or family responsibilities can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a selection of streamed sessions through FMF Live, so you can take part no matter where you are.
The FMF Live sessions have been certified through Mainpro+® for up to six Group Learning credits on Thursday, six on Friday, and four on Saturday. They include our fabulous keynote speakers and all sessions are available in English and French. Check out the schedule below for more details.
Registration for FMF Live now open!
Have questions? Please contact [email protected].


Live stream the full day for $180 and earn up to six certified Mainpro+ Group Learning credits.
Time Session
0800–0930 T20: The Happiness Equation
(Keynote presentation by Neil Pasricha)
1000–1100 T198: Childhood Anxiety Disorders: Identification and management
1115–1215 T468: Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The COPD management paradigm has shifted!
1330–1430 T345: More Than Hot Flashes: Addressing the other menopausal symptoms and risks
1500–1600 T108: Weeding Through the Evidence for “Medical Marijuana” 3.0
1615–1715 T130: Derm DDx Stat Rounds


Live stream the full day for $180 and earn up to six certified Mainpro+ Group Learning credits.
Time Session
0800–0930 F30: Equitable Health Care for First Nations Children: Realizing the goals of Jordan’s Principle and the Spirit Bear Plan
(Keynote presentation by Dr. Cindy Blackstock)
1000–1100 F78: Managing Chronic Pain in FM Within the Climate of an Opioid Crisis
1115–1215 F219: Top 10 Missteps When Treating Skin Diseases
1330–1430 F77: Top 10 Things Every Family Doctor Should Know About Cancer
1500–1600 F271: Prevention in Practice: What to do less often, or not at all
1615–1715 F308: ADHD: Overcome misconceptions and treat with confidence




Live stream the half day for $120 and earn up to four certified Mainpro+ Group Learning credits.
Time Session
08300930   S159: What’s New, What’s True, and What’s Poo: Top studies of last year
10001100 S341: Clinical Tools to Help Rule in Medically Unexplained Symptoms
11151215 S19: Keeping the Flame Burning! Ten critical rules to prevent physician burnout
13301430 S40: How Did You Do It? Team Subban’s vision for success
(Keynote presentation by Karl Subban)