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Live stream FMF sessions for up to sixteen certified Mainpro+ Group Learning credits. Attendees who participate via live streaming may claim one Mainpro+ certified credit per session attended, up to six for Thursday, up to six for Friday and up to four for Saturday. Available in English or French.
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Thursday up to 6 credits $180
Friday up to 6 credits $180
Saturday up to 4 credits $120



Thursday November 15, 2018 – 8:00AM – 5:15PM EST

0800-0930 T20 The Happiness Equation Neil Pasricha
1000-1100 T198 Childhood Anxiety Disorders: Identification and management William Watson
1115-1215 T468 Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The COPD management paradigm has shifted Tony D’Urzo
1330-1430 T345 More Than Hot Flashes: Addressing the other menopausal symptoms and risks Susan Goldstein
1500-1600 T108 Weeding Through the Evidence for “Medical Marijuana” 3.0 Lisa Graves
1615-1715 T130 Derm DDx Stat Rounds Dominik Nowa

Friday November 16, 2018 – 8:00AM – 5:15PM EST

0800-0930 F30 Equitable Health Care for First Nations Children: Realizing the goals of Jordan’s Principle and the Spirit Bear Plan Cindy Blackstock
1000-1100 F78 Managing Chronic Pain in FM Within the Climate of an Opioid Crisis Jessica Munro
1115-1215 F219 Top 10 Missteps when Treating Skin Diseases Christie Freeman
1330-1430 F77 Top Ten Things Every Family Doctor Should Know About Cancer Anna Wilkinson
1500-1600 F271 Prevention in Practice: What to do less often, or not at all? Roland Grad
1615-1715 F308 ADHD: Overcome misconceptions and treat with confidence Joan Flood

Saturday November 17, 2018 – 8:30AM – 2:30PM EST

0830-0930 S159 What’s New, What’s True and What’s Poo: Top studies of last year Michael Kolber
1000-1100 S341 Clinical Tools to Help Rule in Medically Unexplained Symptoms Angela Cooper
1115-1215 S19 Keeping the Flame Burning! Ten critical rules to prevent physician burnout Jason Profetto
1330-1430 S40 How Did You Do It? Team Subban’s vision for success Karl Subban