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Bernard Petiot and Patrice Aubertin
Wednesday, November 12th
8:45–9:45 am
Room 2000C – QCC

This year marks CFPC’s 10th Annual Family Medicine Research Day—and a special occasion calls for something extraordinary!

Following breakfast and the introduction to Research Day, enjoy a unique and exciting plenary session presented by visionary giants: Mr Bernard Petiot, Cirque du Soleil’s Vice-President, Casting and Performance, and Mr Patrice Aubertin, Director of Research and Teacher Training Program, National Circus School, and SSHRC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Circus Arts.

These collaborators and friends are two of the most creative minds behind the world-famous Cirque du Soleil and the National Circus School. Together they will inspire us to re-think our approach to research—and perhaps even change the way we formulate questions and imagine solutions.

Research Day’s full schedule offers a perfect opportunity to learn about the work of your research colleagues and to network with other primary care researchers. Explore the posters highlighting the latest family medicine research and attend feature presentations by the Family Medicine Researcher of the Year and other award winners.

From Thursday to Friday, the FMF Research Stream offers more thought-provoking and interactive sessions, designed to challenge, encourage, and energize your focus on family medicine research and its essential, innovative role in family practice.