Celebrating the Arts in the Physician’s Life Humanities Theatre – Play On!

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Friday is the second act in FMF’s three days of Humanities Theatre programming. Five different sessions consider how visual, literary, theatrical, and performance arts can inform the physician’s art, and offer imaginative problem-solving approaches to patient-centred care that busy family medicine doctors and teachers can apply right away.

Begin the day with Sticky Questions, in which participants are introduced to “reading” a painting and then discuss “Sticky,” a provocative contemporary portrait, and the questions, interpretations, and reflections it inspires.

Next is an FMF encore, Using Magic and Illusions in a Clinical Setting to Enhance the Therapeutic Relationship. Dr Chawla entertainingly demonstrates skills participants can use immediately to connect with their patients.

Writing for Family Doctors begins with a blank page. You and your colleagues set the agenda for this interactive session exploring the power and possibilities in narrative.

Don’t miss An Arts-based Curriculum for Residents, about McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine and Museum of Art’s fascinating collaborative Art of Seeing curriculum, which develops observational proficiency and empathy through guided art appreciation exercises.

Was Shakespeare’s King Lear a play about an older man preparing for death, or a portrait of late-life madness? As the sun sets on Friday, Lear’s Shadow reflects on the parallels between the dramatic portrayal of an elderly king’s descent into disorientation, confusion, hallucinations, and delusions, and contemporary clinical experience and research findings in geriatric psychiatry.