Impressive Military Field Hospital Exhibit

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Canadian Forces Army Surgeon, Colonel Jim Kile, oversees the health and well-being of the Army’s 30,000 troops. He advises the Surgeon General and the Commander of the Canadian Army on all major health-related matters concerning ground forces. Colonel Kile is instrumental in shaping the next generation of medical leaders.

In this video Colonel Kile leads a fascinating tour of the military field hospital display in the Exhibit Hall at FMF. This portable, flexible, self-sufficient field hospital has been deployed with minimal notice in various peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, and has been to Afghanistan. Its four components–surgery, diagnostics, critical care ward, and resuscitation bay–reflect those of a regular hospital. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable Canadian Forces members assist Colonel Kile in summarizing the capabilities of the field hospital and its tremendous impact on health care in regions in need all over the world.