CFPC urges government action in key health care areas

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“From Red to Green. From Stop to Go. Recommended actions to improve home care and child and youth health”

Last year the CFPC released a report that graded the government’s leadership in five key areas of health care with grades from green (strong) to red (absent).

Today we are pleased to release “From Red to Green. From Stop to Go” – a report focusing on two areas of particular urgency spotlighted as red in 2013—home care and child and youth health.

In this document the CFPC outlines its concerns and how Canadians are affected. It describes:

  • The current challenges in these areas and their impact on well-being of Canadians
  • Recommendations for action to improve performance
  • Results of an opinion poll supporting the importance of these issues to the public
  • Specific steps for the government to take, and target dates for them to make, to meet the recommendations and change the grades from red to green
  • How the CFPC’s Patient’s Medical Home model can address these issues, with the government’s support

Read the news release!