Exhibitors, book your booth space today!

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The focus of the May edition of FMF Today is the FMF Exhibit Hall. This video gives a complete overview of the hall, including exhibitors, an academic medicine area, services, meals, College Square, demonstration theatres, and more. Exhibitors, book your booth space today!

Celebrate with Us

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Find out how the College and the REF will be celebrating their anniversaries during FMF and how you can get in on the action right now. This video also introduces the Quebec City Convention Centre and highlights the work going on behind the scenes to ensure FMF 2014 is a success.

Don’t fight history and don’t fight the future—Create it and shape it

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In his powerful and provocative keynote address on November 8, 2013, Canadian health policy expert Steven Lewis stressed that the future of Canada’s health care system depends on family medicine meeting the vast unmet needs of complex care. Lewis, a health policy and research consultant based in Saskatoon and an adjunct professor of health policy […]