Fundamental Teaching Activities Framework at Family Medicine Forum

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With the implementation of the Triple C Competency-based Curriculum and other undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional development initiatives, the College of Family Physicians of Canada recognizes that supporting clinical teachers is a priority. This year saw the release of the Fundamental Teaching Activities in Family Medicine: A Framework for Faculty Development, nationally and internationally. Designed to support physicians and other health care providers involved in family medicine education, the FTA Framework describes what teachers actually do and helps them consider creative ways to expand and enhance their teaching.

Family Medicine Forum gives you two more opportunities to learn more about the FTA Framework. Those relatively new to education and unfamiliar with the FTA Framework would benefit from Thursday’s “You Want Me to Teach?” A brief but interactive presentation will provide the background concepts and the supporting literature behind the development of the FTA Framework, which you will then use to develop a personal learning plan, and identify tools and resources to implement this plan.

Wednesday’s “Master of the Universe: Can I be a better educator?” is intended for the many educators who are questioning the wisdom of “see-one-do-one-teach-one” methodology, prompting them to find other ways to share medical knowledge and offer procedural experience, including through Web-based education, virtual reality, and high-fidelity patient simulation. This workshop will ask you to review the FTA Framework and case examples, reflect on your relative strengths, discuss how you manage personal and career obligations, and consider the impact of FTA Framework training on your and your colleagues’ careers.
For more information about the FTA workshops at FMF and other presentations, please see the program at https://fmf.cfpc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Final.pdf.