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Wednesday November 6

Time Session Number Session MainPro-C Credits
07:30-16:30 W9476 MC Toxicology Roadshow FULL 7.0 MC
08:00-18:00 W6590 MC CASTED: Emergency – “The hands-on” ED orthopedics – Course 1 FULL 9.0 MC
08:30-16:30 W10801 MC CBT on the Fly FULL 6.0 MC
08:30-16:30 W8837 MC Clinical Collaboration Skills 6.0 MC
08:30-16:30 W7990 MC Spirometry in Family Practice FULL 6.0 MC
10:00-15:30 W9709 MC Preventive Care Visits for School Age Children and Teens: Where is the evidence? 3.0 MC

Thursday November 7

Time Session Number Session MainPro-C Credits
07:30-17:45 T8991 MC Airway Intervention & Management in Emergencies (AIME) – Course 1 FULL 9.0 MC
08:00-18:00 T22495 MC CASTED: Emergency – “The hands-on” ED orthopedics course (2) 9.0 MC
10:00-18:00 T6594 MC AWLS – Advanced Wound Life Saving FULL 6.0 MC
10:00-18:00 T7324 MC CBT Tools FULL 6.0 MC
10:00-18:00 T8842 MC Professionalism and Ethics in Your Medical Career 6.0 MC
10:00-18:00 T8846 MC Medical Record Keeping 6.5 MC
10:00-18:30 T10048 MC The Health Promotion 6Pack (Hp6): Motivating patients to change FULL 6.5 MC
14:00-17:30 T9587 MC Breastfeeding Basics for the Practicing Physician 3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 T10780 MC Climate Change and Health: Should you care?
Can you make a difference in your office and in your community? CODE GREEN: A crash-course in the ABC’s of the biggest global health threat of the 21st century, and how MDs are uniquely positioned to tilt the balance towards a healthy climate
3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 T10698 MC Diagnosis and Management of Patients
with MCI and Dementia: Tips for the family physician
3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 T11101 MC Managing Uncertainty: A novel approach to undifferentiated mental disorders FULL 3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 T10473 MC Preventative Medicine for Adults with Developmental Disabilities 3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 T9131 MC PAACT: Anti-infectives guideline and update 2013 FULL 5.0 MC

Friday November 8

Time Session Number Session MainPro-C Credits
07:30-17:45 F22496 MC Airway Intervention & Management in Emergencies (AIME) – Course 2 FULL 9.0 MC
08:00-18:00 F6843 MC CASTED: Fracture Clinic: The “hands-on follow-up orthopedics” course FULL 8.5 MC
10:00-12:15 F10739 MC Managing Diagnosis and Progression of Parkinson’s Disease:
Clinical application of Canadian guidelines
1.5 MC
10:00-15:30 F9715 MC Healthy Child Development: Nutrition and child development
with focus on the 18 month well child exam
3.0 MC
10:00-18:00 F10764 MC Joint Assessment Made Easy FULL 6.0 MC
10:00-18:00 F7329 MC CBT for Anxiety 6.0 MC
10:00-18:00 F11691 MC Scholarship and Innovation in Medical Education (SIME) 6.0 MC
10:00-18:00 F8838 MC Web-based Resources for Family Practice 6.0 MC
10:00-18:00 FS7818 MC Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative and End-of-Life Care: LEAP FULL 12.0 MC
13:00-16:30 F11114 MC Using a Leadership Framework to Create High Morale and
Productivity in the Workplace: Oh dear, what can the matter be?
3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 F11087 MC Environment-Linked Illnesses: Prevention, diagnosis and
management from preconception to old age
3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 F9720 MC This Patient Drives Me Crazy! Using Balint groups to understand the doctor-patient relationship 3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 F9138 MC PAACT: Men’s health update 2013 FULL 5.0 MC
14:00-18:00 F9038 MC Treating Poverty: A workshop for family physicians 3.5 MC

Saturday November 9

Time Session Number Session MainPro-C Credits
08:00-16:30 S11119 MC Emergency Medicine Primer for Family Physicians II* FULL 7.0 MC
08:30-12:00 S8976 MC Assessing and Prioritizing Clinical Practice Guidelines for Family Practice 3.0 MC
08:30-12:00 S10927 MC e-Health and Chronic Disease Management: Changing family medicine practice, now and forever SESSION CANCELLED 3.0 MC
08:30-12:00 S8633 MC Office Gynecological Procedures in Family Medicine: Skills transfer workshop FULL 3.0 MC
08:30-16:00 S9346 MC A Focus on the Management of Asthma and COPD FULL 6.0 MC
08:30-16:00 S7334 MC CBT for Depression 6.0 MC
08:30-16:30 S8602 MC Pain Assessment and Management FULL 6.0 MC
09:00-17:00 S9701 MC Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) 4.0 MC
10:00-15:30 S10746 MC Best Practices in Reducing Unnecessary Tests,
Treatments and Care: Don’t just do something, stand there
3.0 MC
14:00-17:30 S11115 MC Using a Leadership Framework to Develop Team Effectiveness: Being a change champion is hard work 3.0 MC

*The Emergency Medicine Primer for Family Physicians II course has the following pre-requisites: Participants must have either taken the Emergency Medicine Primer I course or have extensive experience in Emergency Medicine. This course is not open to residents or physicians with less than two years of experience in Emergency Medicine.

Subject to change